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Araba is a success story

Our technology and the transportation provided by drivers in Saudi Arabia has transformed mobility for many people with disabilities, and we’re committed to continuing to develop technologies that support everyone’s ability to easily move around their communities. You can catch Araba at Hospitals, parks, airports or during the Hajj and Umrah. 

Customer App
Customer App
Pusher App
Pusher App

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Araba App

Cloud-based solution consists of :

1. Admin Dashboard

2. Customer App

3. Pusher App

Araba needed a digital solution that connects wheelchairs providers with customers who need it. This is the customers App where they can request Araba, view trip details, and set destination & payment. 

After a thorough evaluation of the requirements and available solution alternatives, 

AKWAD recommended automating the backlog order process using a cloud-based solution.

Key goals for the project were to eliminate manual processes, maximize ROI and implement the solution:

1. A dashboard that manages the internal process of customers’ requests.

2. A separate mobile application for the service provider to accept or reject the request, communicate with customer by phone or chat and navigate.

3. Application for customers to request, cancel and modify the order. 

1. Doubled the number of customers’ requests.

2. A friendly use app that allow the customer to search for the nearest service provider, calculate the price in advance.

3. Significantly improved the customers’ experience, enabling customers to send their feedback by rating the service providing & provide the customer with multi-options of payment.

4. Reduced any complaints through sending auto-reject when the service provider is unavailable or inactive. 

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Our Success Partners

We thank every one of our clients for trusting us to build their projects. Here’s how they feel about collaborating with us:

“We use AKWAD’s services two years ago to build SERCL and they delivered quality and experience that rivals Europ’s software houses”
Hytham Mouad
“AKWAD’s agility and reliability was a key helper for our fast scaling the last year and a half, they have been growing our tech as we grew more than 10X. We are now working together to set up our internal tech team with their help to cap successful partnership”
CEO @ Tagaddod
“AKWAD provided us with a mobile team that delivered a high profile mobile app on a very tight deadline which was amazing, they became our go-to partner in Egypt software development”
Head of Deliver @ AUB
“We worked with AKWAD as they were recommended by Nomow to build Arabah. Their experience with building logistical apps helped us avoid many bit falls and deliver a high-quality experience to our customers”
Ahmed Al Moula
CEO @ Arabah

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